Linen Closet Organization

Hello friends! Happy Monday! Another Monday in quarantine and learning how to navigate this new normal. I don’t know about you guys but I am ready for life to return to normal. Maybe a new and improved version of normal where we don’t take things for granted like we used to. I know for me, simple trips to Target, or Friday lunches with my dad and sister will have new meaning.

Anyway, onto the point of this blog post. I recently revamped my linen closet and it has been such a weight lifted off my shoulders!! Our house has the smallest linen closet known to man so keeping it organized is almost impossible. I have tried for years to fold things every way you can think of and once little hands start grabbing for a washcloth or towel, things start tumbling to the bottom of the closet where they stay until it gets so bad you can’t shut the door. Then my kids decide they don’t want a certain blanket so they stuff it in the closet on top of the pile and it just gets out of control!

I started by literally pulling every single item out of the closet. I sat down and went through everything. We had probably 50 pillowcases in that closet! No one needs 50 pillowcases! So I started purging. I got rid of over half of the contents in the closet. I saved 2-3 sets of sheets and pillowcases per bed. Next, I went through all of our blankets and gave some to a local charity and only kept the ones we actually use.

Now for the actual closet. It had old blue carpet in the bottom so I pulled that up and replaced it with some extra flooring we had left over from the basement reno. Next, I removed all the shelves and decided to try my hand at Sharpie Shiplap! I found a board that was the exact width of the closet, got my pink (yes my tools are pink!) level, a fresh Sharpie and got busy! It was so easy and made such a big difference in that tiny space. I measured out how far apart I wanted my shiplap lines and held the board with the level flush at the bottom, made sure it was level and made the line. It was seriously so simple!!

I organized everything into the cutest baskets that I found at Old Time Pottery and labeled them.

Everything has it’s own home and it makes such a huge difference!

My biggest piece of advice is to purge everything first. You would be so surprised at how much you can get rid of to make room! It is so much easier to organize when you only keep the necessities.

I love to look at this space now and putting away laundry is so much less stressful! Oh and the hallway is no longer blocked by the linen closet vomiting into the walkway!

Thanks for being here friends! Have a great week!



Spring Fireplace Mantle

Welcome friends!

Today we’re talking all things spring! While I’m typing this, it is cold, cloudy and pouring down rain so we’re going to just pretend it is a beautiful, warm spring day outside. Or maybe it is where you are! If so I’m jealous!

It’s been too cold and rainy to plant anything outside just yet and I’m so ready for some color in my yard.

Since we can’t plant outside I decided to bring spring inside with faux florals covering anything that stands still.

I don’t know what it is about spring that brings joy to my heart. I love everything about spring. Birds chirping, warm sun shining (well maybe soon), flowers growing, trees blooming and all the beautiful colors that it brings!

Next, I added all of my favorite antiques in with the florals. If you’ve been here long then you know I am antique obsessed! Anything chippy, rusty, weathered or old is right up my alley. I had a couple of old windows and frames laying around so I added those in and I love how it turned out!

I also added in my green bottles, books and lantern to bring in even more color. Plus, with St. Patrick’s Day this month I love to add in all shades of green!

I shopped my house to create this space and didn’t buy a single thing. It’s amazing what you can find when you really start looking! Also, it’s interesting how you can use pieces for all different seasons just by changing the items around it.

For example this green lantern I used at Christmas and added reds with it. Then for spring I’m using it with pinks, yellows and whites.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate a space, just use your imagination! Walk around your house and find things that you could turn into decor. I found a wooden crate that I haven’t used in a while and turned it on it’s side and filled it with flowers. Then I found an old picture that I didn’t like anymore so I used the frame and tossed the print. It’s budget friendly and so fun!

I hope this gives you some spring inspo!!



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Bathroom Before and After

Is there a room in your house that you struggle to style? Mine is the bathroom!! For some reason I get a total mental block when it comes time to decorate my bathrooms.

About a year ago I started slowly updating our hall bathroom, first paint then flooring, etc. When it came time to decorate, the renovating came to a screeching halt. I don’t know what it is about bathroom decor that causes me so much grief!

When I started the renovating process my bathroom was this hideous school bus yellow with tan tile and brown grout. Who even uses brown grout?!

I knew I wanted grays and neutrals because I had been staring at bright yellow for years!

I love the beach and I have always wanted a “beachy” bathroom but never wanted the bright colors that usually go along with that theme. The overwhelming aqua, coral and fish isn’t really my style.

Then the other day I was walking around Old Time Pottery and stumbled upon an entire aisle of new coastal decor. I found these beautiful, neutral pieces that went perfect in my hall bathroom.

I like to call this “Farmhouse meets the coast”.

It is the perfect mix of wood and neutral tones which is exactly what I was looking for.

This bathroom feels so different now. Even my toddler walked in and said “Mom this looks so different!”

This bathroom is very hard to photograph because it is long and narrow but I hope you can feel the cozy vibe that it has now!!

This bathroom feels new and fresh and I’m obsessed! Now when guests come over I’m not apologizing for my scary bathroom!

Also these towels from Old Time Pottery are amazing!! So soft and fluffy!

“Farmhouse meets the Coast” bathroom is complete!

Thank you for being here, feel free to ask any questions!



Entertainment Center Refresh

I have struggled with my tv area for years. The tv stand stuck out too far, was too dark and was always a “catch all” for all of our junk. I have always wanted to updated this space, but it was one of those to-do list items that I never got around to.

When Old Time Pottery reached out to collaborate on an accent piece of furniture I knew exactly what I was going to do!! I was finally going to update this drab, dark area!!


I knew I wanted something bright but also something smaller to give us more room. This area is what you see right when you walk in the front door so it really needs to make a good impression! I searched through all of their beautiful options and finally stumbled upon this beauty.

It was love at first sight! Bright, farmhouse, storage, smaller and more flush to the wall. Perfect! It checked all the boxes!!

Now for the fun part, styling it! I have been eyeballing this beautiful, vintage inspired lantern for so long at Old Time Pottery and I knew it would fit so well in this space. This was the last one in the store so I knew it was meant to be!

Then I stumbled across this amazing wooden sign and I had to have it, because our home is “Our Happy Place”! When I walk into my home every day I feel full of comfort and peace and that’s exactly what I wanted this display to convey. (Hey I made a rhyme!) Our home is our oasis! A place where you can come to shut out the world.

My husband usually goes along with all of my decorating ideas, his only complaint is when I block the tv with my decor. When I was planning this new area I knew I wanted the tv hanging high enough on the wall that it wouldn’t be an issue any more!

I am so in love with this space and how bright and open it feels now!!

I added a few antiques and vintage pieces and it is the perfect mix of new and old.

I love the hardware on this piece so much. Soon we will be replacing the door that leads down to the basement with a barn door and I love this piece so much that I think I’m going to mimic this style. Stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to read my blog! Feel free to message me with any questions and you can find me on Instagram at @rebeccaannehome.



You can find all of these items listed at your local Old Time Pottery.

– Farmhouse Cabinet

– Vintage Inspired Lantern

– Wicker Basket

– Faux Florals

– “Our Happy Place” Sign

– Large battery operated candle

_ 2 gray wooden signs

Dollar Store/Dollar Aisle Tree Ideas

I have teamed up with some sweet friends to bring you fun ways to use dollar store/dollar aisle Christmas trees in your home. I have used these little dollar trees the last couple of years and I absolutely love them. They are just so cute and versatile and add so much Christmas cheer to whatever area you put them in.

For my first little tree I made a coffee tree for my coffee bar and I love how it turned out!!

I added coffee ornaments, twinkle lights and sat it down in my favorite vintage coffee tin. If you know me then you know I have to have a little vintage mixed in with the new.

My next tree is sitting in our baking area. My oldest daughter loves to bake so I created a little baking corner for her in the kitchen. Of course it just had to have a little tree (or 2).

For the larger table top tree I added Christmas cookie cutters and a red bow for the topper and it works so perfect in this space.

Then I added this mini tree because how cute is that fabric!!

For my last dollar aisle tree I used it two ways and love them both. I used it in our master bedroom on my nightstand and I love how cozy it makes the room look!!

Then I added one on top of my antique shelf that holds all of my favorite Christmas mugs.

I added a couple of red bows and it is perfect.

The good thing about these inexpensive table top trees is that they are cute regardless. You can add nothing or you can really decorate them big and they look great! I love these trees and I add a couple to my collection each year.

Soon I will have a mini tree farm!

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Christmas Fireplace with Old Time Pottery

You guys I am so excited to reveal this collaboration I’ve been working on with Old Time Pottery!!

First of all it was so hard to choose from their amazing Christmas decor selection so I made no less than 5 trips to the store!

I absolutely love Christmas and the warmth and coziness it brings. That feeling of sitting in the living room with the glow of twinkling lights is almost magical.

My theme this year is red and black buffalo check because Old Time Pottery had the best selection of buffalo check this year!! They also have black and white if you’re more of a neutral lover.

If only I could leave this up year round!! I feel like I’m in a Hallmark movie in my living room!!

Believe it or not my husband chose these precious little wooden signs. Even he loves Old Time Pottery!! (Don’t tell him I told you that!)

I love this buffalo check light up tree! I love it lit up or without the lights!! Of course, I have to add a little old in with the new to satisfy my vintage loving heart, so I used my antique lanterns. How perfect that they happened to be red and green!

I needed something to light up the hearth so I made another trip back to Old Time Pottery and found these precious little galvanized buckets. Not only do they light up but they flicker like a real candle. They had a couple different patterns to choose from but I just loved the snowflakes.

Again I had to add in a couple of vintage pieces so I added faux poinsettias to my antique shipping crate with twinkle lights and I love how it turned out. They have beautiful faux florals to choose from.

And these stockings! Can we talk about how cute these stockings are with the fleece at the top!! I had to have them!

I love how my fireplace turned out and I had so much fun creating this space!! Here are a couple more pictures of the space. Also, take a look at the buffalo check snowman hat tree topper. I found that cutie at Old Time Pottery as well!!

I am a frequent flyer at Old Time Pottery so almost everything in this space is from their store. Here is a list of everything you can find in their store that is featured in this space:

-snowman hat tree topper

-buffalo check ribbon

-buffalo check stockings

-small wooden signs

-buffalo check light up Christmas tree

-mini trees and garland

-snowflake light up buckets

-area rug

Thank you for being here sweet friends! I hope this gives you so much Christmas cheer!!



DIY Dollar Tree Wreath

I know, I know it’s only November but in the home decor community you have to get started on the upcoming holiday sooner than the average Joe. If I’m being honest I have decorated this early for years now. I put a lot of work into my Christmas decor so I like to enjoy it longer.

Anyways, onto the wreath info. I have been wanting to put a wreath on each of my kitchen cabinets for years but when you start pricing wreaths x number of cabinets it = way more than I want to spend. So, it dawned on me while I was out shopping to stop in Dollar Tree and look for wreaths. They had them for a buck and I was so excited!! They had them in 18in and 15in so I grabbed the smaller ones. Tap each pic for the links:

Next, I looked for a bow to add to the bottom to give them a pop of color and I found these precious sparkly red bows that came in a 2 pack. Perfect!

While I was in Walmart I grabbed some spray snow and couldn’t wait to get home and get started.

I started by fluffing the wreaths and getting them just how I wanted them. Next, I attached the bow. I put the bows on before spraying the snow because I didn’t want to jostle them around too much after spraying them. I just lifted the edges of the bows gently to spray under them. This is the snow I used and I love it!! I ended up using it on garland and 2 trees on the fireplace also. One can goes a really long way! And it wipes up so easily if you’re a messy DIYer like myself.

I sprayed them once and let them dry for a couple of hours.

Then I gave them a second coat. After they dried over night I added some ribbon that I already had on hand. You can use what ever you like to hang them. I attached them to my cabinets by looping the ribbon over the top and attaching them with a small tack.

It was such a simple little project and took barely any time but added such a festive look to the kitchen!!

If you try this DIY be sure to tag me in your post so I can see them!!

Happy Monday friends!!



Fall/Harvest Kitchen

I have teamed up with my favorite store Old Time Pottery to bring you an affordable fall/harvest kitchen.

Our kitchen is the main hub of our home. It’s where we gather for breakfast and dinner, do homework and have dance parties while we cook.

Since we use our kitchen so much I didn’t want to go too crazy because I wanted it to still be functional.

The first thing I did was add faux fall florals (say that 5 times fast). You really can’t go wrong with faux florals and they are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color.

Next I add fall leaves to anything that stands still. One of my favorite pieces of fall decor is faux fall leaves. Old Time Pottery is hands down the best place for faux florals you will ever find!!

And the best part is Pumpkins! I add pumpkins to every nook and cranny during the fall. I love to fill empty spaces and fill up containers with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors.

My very favorite area to decorate in my kitchen is my coffee bar!! I have shopped at Old Time Pottery for so many years that I have fall decor from their store that is older than my children. And I still love it and use it every year!

Again, here I just added pumpkins, faux leaves and a couple of cute scarecrows.

It is really so easy to make a room warm and inviting for fall just by adding leaves, faux florals and pumpkins. And these are things that never go out of style so you can use them year after year.

Every year I add something new to my fall collection so it has grown over the years, but if you are a new home owner my best advice is to start with pumpkins, leaves and florals! I promise it will add so much color and warmth to your space!!

Not only are these things affordable and beautiful they are good for the entire season. You can keep these up from September through Thanksgiving without have to take anything down and redecorate.

Happy fall y’all!!



Halloween Fireplace

First of all I can’t even believe it is time to discuss Halloween!! Didn’t we just do Easter?! Time flies when you’re having fun!

I don’t normally go all out for Halloween. I love Halloween and all thinks spooky, but I also LOVE fall decor more than anything, which poses a problem! It’s so hard to part with my fall goodies every year so I usually end up skipping Halloween.

Wellllllll this year I walked into Old Time Pottery and my feelings on Halloween decor changed!! I suddenly was ready to part with fall and bring in the spooky!!

I may have gone a little crazy with all of their Halloween decoration but you guys, they have EVERYTHING you could possibly want for Halloween!!

I decided to do a witch themed fireplace and I am so in love!!! So very in love with all of this creepy goodness!!

How great are these potion bottles?!?! I wanted to buy every single one they had!

If you need any type of Halloween sign, big or small, they have you covered at Old Time Pottery!!

We are ready for ghost stories, scary movies, costumes and trick-or-treaters at our house!!

Now my kids want to go back to Old Time Pottery and get stuff to decorate the outside of the house!!

Happy Halloween!!!



Living room Refresh

At the beginning of this year I decided to start a living room refresh. I’ve done a little bit at a time and I am just about finished. I have a couple of things still to finish but it’s is 95% complete. By 95% I mean I still can’t decide on a rug 8 months later!! Why are rugs so hard?!

Since we’ve lived in this house I have hated how dark and drab the living room was.

I started by painting the fireplace which made a huge difference in the room.

Next I brought in some color! I love color and I’m loving burgundy and rust colors for fall. And since fall is right around the corner I’m incorporating more and more rust/burgundy/maroon.

Next I wanted to incorporate a little vintage with the new because I love anything old! In my opinion a mix of new and old is just perfect!

All summer I have had bright faux flowers so I decided to tone it down a little and bring in more neutrals and I am loving it.

I don’t know about you guys but I love lamps. Something about the soft glow of a lamp makes a room feel so cozy. I didn’t want anything huge so I went with this mini lamps and they worked perfectly for the space.

Lastly, I had to add throw blankets and throw pillows of course. You can’t curl up with a good book without those two items!

I am so excited with how this room turned out!! It is so much more cozy with the warm tones and a great mix of vintage and new!!

I had to have these precious signs from Old Time Pottery also. I love the sayings on them and thought they fit perfectly for a family room!!

I had so much fun creating this family space. Now if I could just decide on a rug the room would be complete!!

Thank you for reading and if you have any question feel free to shoot me a message.



Items from Old Time Pottery

-throw pillows and blanket



-faux florals


-farmers market metal container