Linen Closet Organization

Hello friends! Happy Monday! Another Monday in quarantine and learning how to navigate this new normal. I don’t know about you guys but I am ready for life to return to normal. Maybe a new and improved version of normal where we don’t take things for granted like we used to. I know for me, simple trips to Target, or Friday lunches with my dad and sister will have new meaning.

Anyway, onto the point of this blog post. I recently revamped my linen closet and it has been such a weight lifted off my shoulders!! Our house has the smallest linen closet known to man so keeping it organized is almost impossible. I have tried for years to fold things every way you can think of and once little hands start grabbing for a washcloth or towel, things start tumbling to the bottom of the closet where they stay until it gets so bad you can’t shut the door. Then my kids decide they don’t want a certain blanket so they stuff it in the closet on top of the pile and it just gets out of control!

I started by literally pulling every single item out of the closet. I sat down and went through everything. We had probably 50 pillowcases in that closet! No one needs 50 pillowcases! So I started purging. I got rid of over half of the contents in the closet. I saved 2-3 sets of sheets and pillowcases per bed. Next, I went through all of our blankets and gave some to a local charity and only kept the ones we actually use.

Now for the actual closet. It had old blue carpet in the bottom so I pulled that up and replaced it with some extra flooring we had left over from the basement reno. Next, I removed all the shelves and decided to try my hand at Sharpie Shiplap! I found a board that was the exact width of the closet, got my pink (yes my tools are pink!) level, a fresh Sharpie and got busy! It was so easy and made such a big difference in that tiny space. I measured out how far apart I wanted my shiplap lines and held the board with the level flush at the bottom, made sure it was level and made the line. It was seriously so simple!!

I organized everything into the cutest baskets that I found at Old Time Pottery and labeled them.

Everything has it’s own home and it makes such a huge difference!

My biggest piece of advice is to purge everything first. You would be so surprised at how much you can get rid of to make room! It is so much easier to organize when you only keep the necessities.

I love to look at this space now and putting away laundry is so much less stressful! Oh and the hallway is no longer blocked by the linen closet vomiting into the walkway!

Thanks for being here friends! Have a great week!



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