Fall/Harvest Kitchen

I have teamed up with my favorite store Old Time Pottery to bring you an affordable fall/harvest kitchen.

Our kitchen is the main hub of our home. It’s where we gather for breakfast and dinner, do homework and have dance parties while we cook.

Since we use our kitchen so much I didn’t want to go too crazy because I wanted it to still be functional.

The first thing I did was add faux fall florals (say that 5 times fast). You really can’t go wrong with faux florals and they are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color.

Next I add fall leaves to anything that stands still. One of my favorite pieces of fall decor is faux fall leaves. Old Time Pottery is hands down the best place for faux florals you will ever find!!

And the best part is Pumpkins! I add pumpkins to every nook and cranny during the fall. I love to fill empty spaces and fill up containers with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors.

My very favorite area to decorate in my kitchen is my coffee bar!! I have shopped at Old Time Pottery for so many years that I have fall decor from their store that is older than my children. And I still love it and use it every year!

Again, here I just added pumpkins, faux leaves and a couple of cute scarecrows.

It is really so easy to make a room warm and inviting for fall just by adding leaves, faux florals and pumpkins. And these are things that never go out of style so you can use them year after year.

Every year I add something new to my fall collection so it has grown over the years, but if you are a new home owner my best advice is to start with pumpkins, leaves and florals! I promise it will add so much color and warmth to your space!!

Not only are these things affordable and beautiful they are good for the entire season. You can keep these up from September through Thanksgiving without have to take anything down and redecorate.

Happy fall y’all!!



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